Tracking On Line

We are specialist in the principal ports of China in order that the goods could be shipped form the nearest port saving time and money in international freights and giving to our clients a complete service DOOR TO DOOR

Specialization in USA

  1.   Shanghai

  2.   Dalian

  3.   Guangzhou

  4.   Tianjin

  5.   Nigbo

  6.   Yantian

  7.   Xiamen

  1.   Long Beach

  2.   Houston

  3.   Georgetown

  4.   San Diego

  5.   Laredo

  6.   Miami

  7.   N.York & N.Jersey

We are specialist in our four areas in  USA offering an integral solution in  international trade, customs, freights and logistic.

We offer warehouses for storage and  Distribution centers at several points of the United States with many services . At the border with Mexico we offer the service of cross dock at different cities to reduce the time and cost in transit of merchandise.

Specialization in CHINA

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