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In Euromex we are conscious that the needs in international trade and logistics of every company are different, that's why we develop different packages and services specially designed for every customer regarding his needs and requirements.

It doesn’t matter the size, the product or the complex that looks like the project all of our clients can find a perfect service that will fit his needs.

Companies that are thinking in their FIRST OPERATION

With this service we support companies whishing to import or export for the first time, realizing the costing of his international operation. (freights, duties, customs clearance, permits, etc.) The client can measure and assure the profitability of his operation

Companies that require TO IMPROVE THE OPERATION

In a globalized world always has to be more competitive, faster and more efficient. Whit this package we measure and improve delivery times, customer satisfaction and distribution services. Also we improve reducing the cost of international operation with a full service implementation, which we call SOLUTION FORWARD.

Companies that have a GROWTH OF OPERATION

Does your business is expanding? Want to reach new markets? Any of your customers need more than one place of delivery? We help you to achieve your goals. You can count with a distribution center for all your needs like Pick Pack & Ship, multimodal worldwide freight or customs clearance at major ports worldwide. You will have the consulting and support to all your needs helping you to  reach new markets.

Services for All Your Needs

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